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White collar crime cases can involve a few thousand dollars up to several million dollars. No matter what the dollar amount, fraud, embezzlement, or theft charges can change a life forever. Even the suspicion of guilt can limit career and education opportunities. If you are under suspicion or if you have been arrested, you need the help and guidance of an experienced criminal defense lawyer. Contact an experienced trial attorney now to set up a free consultation:

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As with any criminal investigation or arrest, you should not talk to anyone about the case until you have consulted with an attorney. Contact Joe Motta so that he can start now to protect your rights and minimize the damage of the situation you are in. Any attempts to “work things out” on your own will typically backfire.

  • Embezzlement charges can be brought against any employee or volunteer suspected of stealing from a company or organization. From a few thousand dollars allegedly stolen by employees to hundreds of thousands or even millions allegedly stolen by a company officer, the charges are serious and the cases are often times very complicated. Even if you are innocent, you need a lawyer who has experience and knowledge of the criminal court system.
  • If you have been accused of theft or fraud, contact a fraud defense lawyer who has experience with defending against charges of elder fraud, credit card fraud, check fraud, identity theft, ponzi pyramid schemes, and other alleged scams.
  • When you, your company or real estate development group has been accused of environmental law violations, make sure you get a defense lawyer who understands the law and the technology involved. Altering streambeds or filling in wetlands to make way for development can delay your project and lead to possible criminal and civil charges. Air or ground water contamination from a manufacturing plant can also lead to civil and criminal charges and fines. Talk to Joe Motta about your situation before you discuss it with anyone else.

Attorney Joseph A Motta is well known and respected throughout the legal community and among his clients. From his office in Concord, California, he serves clients throughout California with an emphasis on the greater San Francisco Bay area. His experience and expertise are available to you.

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