Bay Area California Domestic Violence Defense Attorney

Joe Motta represents clients throughout California, with an emphasis on the greater San Francisco Bay area. His criminal defense practice includes advocating for clients facing serious charges of domestic violence.

Presumption of Guilt in Domestic Violence Charges

There is a real bias against those who have been accused of domestic violence. Many experts in law enforcement claim that domestic violence is a recognized anti-social mental illness. Similar to sex crime charges, domestic violence is a severe accusation where guilt is often immediately presumed. The claim itself will result in many people assuming that you committed the act. Before any court appearance or trial, you may become a social pariah. You need an attorney that is effective, efficient and results-oriented.

Domestic Violence Defense Lawyer Protecting Your Rights

Joe Motta protects the rights of his clients in domestic violence cases. The first right is the right to remain silent. Talking to police or prosecutors is an ill-advised strategy. You do not have to speak to anyone before you retain domestic violence defense counsel. Even conversations to another inmate in a jail cell or to a relative on a prison phone could severely compromise your rights and our case.

Establishing Your Domestic Violence Defense Case

Once you retain Joe Motta, he will get to work on the facts of the case. By nature, spousal abuse and child abuse cases are rife with emotion. Assault allegations within a family are troubling to some and may be a result of a divorce or child custody dispute. Increasingly, domestic violence is attracting the attention of the press, law enforcement, the courts and community services. If you wrongly accused, you need an attorney qualified to handle your case. We will diligently advocate for you and strive for the best outcome possible.

Your domestic violence defense case also may include a restraining order filed against you. As a skilled trial attorney, Joe Motta develops twofold strategies for a restraining order hearing and your domestic violence defense.

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