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If you have been charged with domestic violence, assault and battery, or any other crime against persons, you need a criminal defense lawyer who knows the criminal justice system in Oakland and throughout the Bay area. As a former Contra Costa County prosecutor and as a respected criminal defense lawyer, Attorney Joseph A Motta has the knowledge and experience to help you.

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Domestic violence can happen in any family, no matter what the social or economic status of the people involved. It is also an area where exaggeration and false accusations are common. If you are being investigated or if you have been arrested on a domestic violence charge, you need a lawyer immediately. Contact Joe Motta before you talk to anyone else about this case.

  • Because of his experience, the Joe Motta has handled high-profile domestic violence cases requiring an exceptional level of discretion and a well-honed ability to deal with the news media and special interest groups.
  • Domestic violence cases can range from misdemeanor charges to felony murder charges. Even a misdemeanor charge can cause tremendous embarrassment and a criminal record. The mandatory sentence on any case involving domestic violence can be steep. It can also affect your relationship with other family members and your parental rights.
  • Because the witnesses to domestic violence charges are the two people involved and perhaps other family members, you need a criminal defense attorney who knows how to examine the evidence and get to the truth.

Assault and battery charges can happen when a disagreement gets out of control. There are often conflicting witness statements and several ways to interpret the evidence. Do not talk to anyone about your case until you consult a lawyer. If the assault charge includes a deadly weapon charge, the penalties can be stiff. If a gun is involved, the sentencing becomes extremely harsh. In some instances, if a gun is used, someone could be looking at a life sentence, and in all cases with gun use, the District Attorney will want a prison sentence.

Robbery and other crimes against people carry serious consequences and need the immediate attention of an experienced criminal defense lawyer. As soon as you are aware that you are under investigation, you need to talk to an attorney before you discuss the situation with anyone else. Protect your rights. Contact a lawyer.

Criminal defense attorney Joseph A Motta is well known and respected throughout the legal community and among his clients. From his office in Concord, California, he serves clients throughout California with an emphasis on the greater San Francisco Bay area. HIs experience and expertise is available to you.

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