Bay Area Drug Crimes Defense Attorney

Attorney Joe Motta provides effective, efficient and results-oriented criminal defense to people facing serious drug crime accusations. As former a Contra Costa County prosecutor, he brings his clients and in-depth knowledge of drug laws and how the opposing side handles these cases. Whether you are charged with cultivation, distribution, manufacturing, possession, possession for sale, prescription drugs or trafficking, he can help. He is also familiar with the medical marijuana laws of California and has assisted many clients. He is able to assist in asset forfeiture proceedings that are sometimes companion cases to a drug prosecution.

Protecting Your Rights in Drug Crimes Defense Cases

A drug raid and arrest does not necessarily mean a conviction for a drug crime is imminent. Charges of drug possession, sales, trafficking or cultivation can be challenged based on how the evidence was obtained. At some point during the search and seizure for drugs and drug paraphernalia, your rights may have been violated. That is why we team with seasoned private investigators to get to all the facts of the case and ensure your rights are protected.

One of the first rights that need protection is the right to remain silent. Speaking to law enforcement prior to talking to an attorney is ill-advised and could limit your options as your case progresses through the court system. Speak to no one until talking to criminal defense attorney Joseph A Motta.

Rehabilitation and Diversion for Drug Crimes

California laws allow for nonviolent drug offenders to serve their sentences in treatment. This law provides you with options if you have been arrested and charged with certain drug possession crimes.

Experienced in a Variety of Drug Crimes Defense Cases

Joe Motta has successfully represented many people in cases involving marijuana, ecstasy, cocaine, methamphetamine, heroin and other opiates. In addition to illegal narcotics, he has also represented clients facing charges of prescription drug misuse. He represents people throughout California, with an emphasis on people in Oakland and the San Francisco Bay area. He gets great results.

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