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Juvenile charges can range from DUI and drug possession charges to murder. Attorney Joseph A Motta has handled the full range of juvenile offenses. He can help you understand the seriousness of the charges and the options available. Early intervention by an experienced juvenile defense lawyer can mean a wider range of alternatives and a better future for your child.

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Protecting Your Child’s Future.

When the court finds a juvenile responsible for a crime, the focus is not only on an appropriate punishment, but also on rehabilitation. By having a juvenile defense lawyer who knows the juvenile courts and the many available alternatives, this difficulty may turn into a life-changing opportunity.

  • Probation is more involved in juvenile than adult cases and includes an examination of school, family, and community relationships.
  • There is no plea bargain in juvenile cases. There are, however, many alternative outcomes in juvenile cases — and we have the knowledge to guide you through them.
  • If the prosecutor decides to certify your child as an adult, our juvenile defense lawyers fully understand all the procedures involved. Because of our thorough knowledge of the juvenile court system, we can aggressively protect your child’s rights.
  • We can help you find alternatives to California Youth Authority sentencing such as private rehabilitation programs and private school options.

The sooner you talk to an attorney about a juvenile arrest, the sooner he can begin to examine the evidence, assess the situation, and discuss preferred outcomes with the juvenile court system. What you do now could affect your child’s future in many ways. Contact a lawyer who will help you shape and protect that future.

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