Walnut Creek, California Robbery and Assault Attorney

The penalties for robbery and assault are severe, It is important that you retain an experienced criminal defense and trial lawyer for your defense. Joe Motta represents and protects the rights of his clients facing serious robbery and assault cases.

Serious Accusations

Robbery and aggravated assault are considered to be serious crimes and may be part of the “three-strike” law. Sentencing is longer and probation may not be an option for those convicted. Given the severity of these charges, it is imperative that you retain a lawyer who is not only experienced in this area of the law, but also possesses knowledge of the subtle nuances within the various charges.

Seasoned Legal Counsel Making a Difference

An experienced criminal defense and trial attorney can make a difference in the outcome of your robbery or assault case. Let us make a difference for you. Attorney Joseph A Motta is well-versed in handling complicated, high-profile cases.

Your Rights in a Robbery and Assault Case

The rights of our clients are our focus. Attorney Joe Motta has advocated for clients throughout California with an emphasis on the greater San Francisco Bay area. We encourage those clients to exercise perhaps their most important right – the right to remain silent. Speaking to anyone before talking to a lawyer can make a complicated criminal matter that much more difficult. Always consult with a qualified attorney before speaking with anyone, including the police or bail bondsmen. You always want to consider the civil ramifications of robbery and assault cases. We also advise our clients in these matters.

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