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Weapons charges can be difficult and confusing to understand. Often the charges are a matter of interpretation. If you are facing a weapons charge, it is essential to have a weapons defense lawyer who knows the California criminal code well and has the ability to negotiate and litigate on your behalf — Joe Motta.

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Assault Weapons. California Criminal Code.

What is legal in Nevada can be illegal in California. People who feel they legally purchased an assault weapon, for example, can still be faced with a weapons charge.

  • With any weapons charge — especially for assault weapons or machine guns — the legal definitions can be interpreted in several ways. Joe Motta uses his current understanding of those interpretations to defend his clients against questionable charges.
  • California’s stringent gun laws can place our clients in difficult positions with regard to registration and legality of weapons. We have the technical understanding to challenge weapons definitions, interpretations of those definitions, and the charges that result.
  • If your arrest for any other criminal offense led to a weapons charge, the weapons charge can add significantly to the seriousness of your case. Make sure you have a lawyer who has the experience and knowledge you need. We have handled several weapons cases and have had great success.

Before you discuss a weapons charge with anyone else (including law enforcement and prosecutors), contact weapons defense lawyer Joe Motta.

Criminal defense attorney Joseph A Motta is well known and respected throughout the legal community and among his clients. From his office in Contra Costa County, he serve clients throughout California with an emphasis on the greater San Francisco Bay area. His experience and expertise are available to you.

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